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 The Practical Guide to A+ Certification


Hassan Mesbahi, B.E.,  M.E., A+, MCSE, CAN

Copyright 2002, Books Training , LLC

1335 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852

Special thanks to Mr. Hassan Mesbahi for granting permission to iselfschooling to publish his excellent book on our website FREE of charge so everyone from the world may access and benefit from his knowledge.

Table of Contents

All rights reserved.  
Computer Basics
Computer Design
Computer Hardware Design
System Boards
Processors Windows9X Printing
System Memory Windows NT Features
Expansion Slots and Ports Windows NT Installation
System Peripherals Administrative Tools
Storage Devices Other Windows NT Admin Tools
Hardware Configuration Windows NT FSystem and Security
System Assembly Windows NT Startup and Recovery
Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Platforms
Printers Installation of Windows 2000
Introduction To Networks Windows 2000 Enhancements
Network Components Windows 2000 Core Components
Introduction To The Internet Windows 2000 Disk Types
Windows 2000 File Systems
File Interaction Commands Windows 2000 Security
Important DOS Files Windows 2000 Startup and Recovery
Memory Optimization Windows 2000 Printing
Installation of Windows 9X Windows Backup
Maneuvering around Windows
Boot Process of Windows 9x Glossary of computer terms


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