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Oracle 12c New Features

Online Oracle Training

How to install Oracle12c

using the Multitenant Architecture


Step 1:

Go to the Oracle website and download the Oracle12c latest release into your computer. In this example we are using Oracle12c release The download is in zip format. Move the zip files to your server and unzip the file.


The following are the Oracle12c zip files downloaded.




Step 2:

FTP the Oracle12c zip files to your server and unzip the files.  Noticed the database folder will be created.

For example:

# cd /app/oracle/stage

# unzip

# unzip



Step 3:

Go to database directory and execute the uninstaller script.




Step 4:

You will be prompted with the following screen.

Uncheck the "I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support" box and click Next.



Click "Yes" to remain uninformed.




Select "Skip software update" option, since we are not updating. Then click "Next."




On the "Select Installation Option" screen, select "Create and configure a database."




If you are installing the Oracle12c on your laptop or desktop, then select "Desktop class."

Select "Server class," if you are installing on a server class system.



On the "Grid Installation Options" screen, select "Single instance database installation."




Select the "Advanced install" option on the "Select Install Type" screen.



Select the language of your choice.



Select the database edition that you want to install.



On the "Specify Installation Location" screen, type /app/oracle for your Oracle base and /app/oracle/product/ on the "Software location" field.





Select the type of database that you want to have.



In this installation, we are going to install Oracle using the multitenant architecture feature. You need to select the "Create as Container database" option. This option will create a pluggable database named "mypdb1."  Your "Global database name" is mycdb. You can add your domain name to it. For example, you can type On the "Oracle system identifier" field, type mycdb. This one is you instance name. We will show you and talk about this later. Then click "Next."




Continue to part 2


Good Luck!


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