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Oracle 12c New Features

Online Oracle Training

How to install Oracle12c

using the Multitenant Architecture


Part 1:


Select all default option on the "Specify Configuration Options" screen. If you want to change the memory use the Memory tab. For Character sets, click on the Character sets tap. Click "Next."



Here, you will define your database file location. Assuming that you store your database files on the oradata directory, you can enter oradata. The oracle will save all your database files on the /oradata/<SID> location. Now, your database files will be on the /oradata/mycdb directory.



Since we do not have the Enterprise Manager tool on our server yet, we need to make sure the "Register with Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control" option is uncheck. We will talk more about this later.



This is your recovery area. Make sure to enable it. The archivelog files, flashback, autobackup and backups will be in this area. You can control to size of the recovery area.  We will talk about this later.



Enter your passwords. Make sure to have different password for the SYS, SYSTEM, DBSNMP, and PDBADMIN users. In this we only use one for all. For example: mypass.



Click "Yes" to continue.



Select all default on the "Privileged Operating System groups" screen. It is a good practice, you ask your system administrator to have separate group name for the Database Administrator, Database Operator, Database Backup and Recovery, and Data Guard administrative groups. Click "Next" to continue.



You will see the following screen.



Then the following screen.

The installer is checking the prerequisite requirements before continue to perform installing Oracle database.

Some warnings are not significant but some are and you need to make sure to correct them before continue. The following warnings were not important and we are going to continue installation.



Click on the "Ignore all" box and then "Next" to continue.



You will see the following warning. Click "Yes" to continue.



Check the Summary screen, and then click "Next" to continue.




Continue to part 3


Good Luck!


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