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"We believe that wisdom is above knowledge."

-USA (iSelfSchooling)

"I believe that you cannot do much with your wisdom while with your knowledge you can destroy and build a nation."


"I believe that there is no such a thing as wisdom."


"I believe that life is an illusion."


"I believe that a more we think about a subject or a character, we become that subject or that character. "


"I believe that LIFE is not FAIR."


"I believe that the stock market will crash on 2020 or sooner!"


"I believe that we think we are justice but we are not."


"I believe that we are an image of GOD. So we can be GOOD!"


"I believe that there is NO GOD!"


"I believe that there is GOD but not the way we know him."


"I believe that GOD was created by human's thought."


"I believe that we are GOD."


"I believe that there is GOD but we are not able to comprehend it."


"I believe that you can tell about persons' character by their actions (Clever and stupid by their answers and wise by their silences). Because clever and stupid like to talk and wise likes to listen."


"I believe that GOD gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason."


"I believe that Italy and France are the best countries to live."


"I believe that LIFE is GOOD!."


"I believe that some people think GOD loves them but not some other groups. These people have no connection to the outside world nor want to know the world."


"I believe that the same people that you described above judge others as they are looking at a mirror."


"I believe that POWER corrupts."


"I believe that you should FORGIVE but never FORGET!"


"I believe that you should make a distance with a person hurting you and start not thinking any more about him/her."


"I believe that you should trust with multiple verifications and not blinding."


"I believe that life is like a journey on a river. You need to dive on its direction. There are times you go fast and there are times you go slow hoping not the river seizes you in a corner."

-United Kingdom

"I believe that after a person being humiliated you can measure person's wisdom by his/her tolerance."


"I believe that liars think they are telling the truth. It's up to us to verify it."

-Costa Rica

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