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Oracle 12c New Features

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Create a net service name using the netca tool


In this, you will create the mypdb1 net service name for the mypdb1 pluggable database of mycdb in the tnsnames.ora file.


To run the netca tool:

Run the mycdb profile.

# cd ~

# . ./.profile


Execute the netca tool.

# netca


Step 1:

Select the "Local Net Service Name configuration" and then click "Next."


Step 2:

Accept "Add" and then click "Next."


Step 3:

On the Service Name page, type the mypdb1 service name and then click "Next."


Step 4:

Select the TCP protocols and click "Next."


Step 5:

On the TCP/IP Protocol page, type your host name and use the 1521 port number. Then click "Next."


Step 6:

If the mypdb1 pluggable database was opened, then you can test. If not select "No, do not test,"  then click "Next."


Step 7:

Accept the mypdb1 service name as Net Service Name and then click "Next."


Step 8:

If you have more service name to create, then select "Yes." If not, then select "No."


Step 9:

Click Next and Finish.


Check the tnsnams.ora file and make sure your entries was added to the file.

# vi $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora


Use the tnsping tool.

# tnsping mypdb1


Access to the mypdb1 pluggable database by using created mypdb1 service name:

# sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect  system/mypass@mypdb1


Good Luck!



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