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DATAGUARD BROKER - How to create and configure data guard broker




My database name: mydb

My primary database (SID): mydb_p

My standby database (SID): mydb_s


To use the dataguard broker, make sure that the dg_broker_start parameter was set to TRUE on both Primary and Standby sites:

SQL> Alter system set dg_broker_start=True scope=both;


On any servers (primary or standby):

# dgmgrl sys/oracle@mydb_p   -- on primary

DGMGRL> create configuration 'dg_mydb' as
> primary database is 'mydb_p'
> connect identifier is mydb_p;

DGMGRL> Add database 'mydb_s' as
> connect identifier is mydb_s 
> maintained as physical;


To enable the configuration and see the output do the following commands.
DGMGRL> enable configuration;
DGMGRL> show configuration

Switchover to your standby database:
Notice with switchover, your standby becomes primary and your primary becomes standby:

DGMGRL> switchover to 'mydb_s';

Failover to your standby:

Notice that with the failover, your old primary no longer syncing and your standby become primary.

DGMGRL> failover to 'mydb_s';
Failover to standby succeeded.

Make sure to enable FLAHBACK ON.
SQL> alter database flashback on;
SQL> Alter System set Log_archive_dest_2='Service=to_primary LGWR AFFIRM SYNC VALID_FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE)db_unique_name=primary';
SQL> Alter database set primary database to maximize availability;
# dgmgrl sys/oracle@mydb_p
DGMGRL> show configuration; --If a configuration is displayed then remove it.


To remove your configuration:
DGMGRL> remove configuration;


To edit configuration for each databases:
DGMGRL> show database verbose mydb_p;

DGMGRL> edit database PRIMARY set property LogXptMode='SYNC';
DGMGRL> edit database STANDBY set property LogXptMode='SYNC';
DGMGRL> edit configuration set protection mode as MaxAvailability;
DGMGRL> enable fast_start failover;
DGMGRL> show configuration;

To start observer:
DGMGRL> start observer;



Good Luck!


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