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Oracle 11g New Features

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Oracle 11g: Oracle Management Agent (OMA)

To install the Oracle OMA component

The OMA (Oracle management Agent) connects the OMS to managed targets. We should install the OMA on every managed target host.

There are three ways to install the OMA. Remember always you can download the Agent from the Oracle website.

1-       Using the Oracle Product CDs (Interactively). It is the same is regular Oracle installation.

# /stage/Disk1/runInstaller.

2-       Using the batch process (Silent Installation).  It is the same as above but in silence no interaction.

# /stage/Disk1/runInstaller responseFile ./agent.rsp silent doDiscovery=True startAgent=TRUE

(you can find the sample response file in the $ORALCE_HOME/install directory.

3-       Using the OMS process (On Demand). You do not need the Oracle product CDs. Go to each server and use its browser and type: http://oms-servername:4889/agent_download and then select the OMA. Make sure that the wget utilize is in /usr/local/bin/wget. If not, then make a link for it.


For example:

# ln -s /usr/bin/wget /usr/local/bin/wget


You should make a new directory for the OMA before doing anything. Then run
Key Configuration files for the OMA 
The key configuration files for the OMA are:
1.        ./sysman/emd/targets.xml
2.        ./sysman/config/
3.        ./sysman/config/
4.        ./sysman/log/.   (all OMA log and trace files)
To start and stop the OMA
-          to start: # $AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl start agent
-          to stop: # $AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl stop agent




Good Luck!


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