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Oracle 11g: How to use the Database Replay at Oracle 11g database



What is the database replay?
Simply, the database replay process captures a sequence of Oracle DML in a file in a capture directory. Then you can replay the file against the same database or a different one to execute the same DML.
Why do I need to do that?
You may use this to test performance problem at your environment. Assuming that you want to change a parameter at your production database but you have no idea about its result. You can capture a peak time DML from your production and replay it as many you want at your test environment.
How do I do that?
Create capture directory
  $ cd /home
  $ mkdir dircapture
Create a directory object in the database
  SQL> CREATE DIRECTORY dircapture AS "/home/dirdirectory";
One hour before your peak time start capture using the following procedure. We are using NULL for duration so we stop the capture when we want.

Once you pass the peak time or you are satisfy. You can stop the capture using the following procedure.

If replay performs on different server, FTP the file into created replay directory.

Assuming that you have FTP the dml_capture file with a new name dml_replay:
To create replay directory:
  $ cd /home
  $ mkdir dirreplay
Create a directory object in the database
  SQL> CREATE DIRECTORY dirreplay AS "/home/dirreplay";
Tell your database where that file is: 
Notice that your directory must be upper case.


Then start replay process.
Check your performance and compare your benchmark.



Good Luck!


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